So you’ve outgrown your home or perhaps you just want to add just a little more living space.  What to do?  You’re not in the market to sell because you’ve grown to love your home, the area, the neighbors…Now you’re thinking “We don’t use our garage anyway…” Just think of the amount of room you could use if you just make your garage habitable.  Can we talk for just a bit?  We all have been there and I’m sure many have thought about it and just dismissed it due to cost.  For those of you seriously thinking about converting your garage please consider this:   

1. If you are part of a Homeowners Association, there may be restrictions about this, so check into it before spending your money. 

2. If you ever do need to sell your home please keep in mind that most people really do want a garage.  I know, I know so they don’t use the space for their cars. Buyers in any case want the option to use a garage to park their cars. Most buyers will pass up a home with a converted garage if they have an option to purchase one with a garage.  Ultimately buyers often offer less money for a home with a converted garage versus a similar home in the same neighborhood.

3. If you really do need the extra space you might consider leaving the garage door attached and keeping the garage door opener stored so you can convert it back in order to sell.